named-programme-1We have received a wonderfully varied and rich array of proposals and practitioners in 18 countries and anticipate very lively discussion among participants with related interests.

You will find an outline of the programme here (named-schedule-mar2017; may be subject to minor changes). The programme with full abstracts can be read here (full-programme-abstracts_finalmar2017).

Our conference is aimed at educational scholars and practitioners (teacher educators, teachers, etc.). A pivotal element in the programme will be the interaction between research and practice. For this reason, conference presenters have been asked to prepare interactive paper sessions, posters and workshops, all of which will address how research might affect practice and vice versa. Moreover, presenters are specifically asked to engage their audience.

 General programme outline

Time Programme
09.00 – 17.30 Paper and poster presentations and workshops; keynote presentations will be on Thursday (1 presentation), Friday (2 presentations) and Saturday (2 presentations). Lunch (included in the conference fee) will be served around 12.00/12.30
18.00 -> Thursday: conference dinner at Frenzi Restaurant Amsterdam / Friday: visit to the Van Gogh Museum


There will be 5 keynote presentations (9 speakers) by scholars who have undertaken outstanding work on narrative and metaphor in educational theory or practice. Below you can find the keynote presentations per conference day and their titles (descriptions follow soon).

Michael Hanne (University of Auckland, New Zealand) – Look both ways – and all around!
Kieran Egan (Simon Fraser University, Canada) – Discovering the oral world and its disruption by literacy.

Niklas Pramling (University of Gothenburg, Sweden) – The role of metaphor in learning and knowledge formation.
Martin Cortazzi  Lixian Jin (University of Warwick/University of Nottingham Ningbo China) – Journeys through metaphor and narrative landscapes: cross-cultural perspectives.

Martijn Meeter (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands) – Reading a metaphor.
Vera Caine, D. Jean Clandinin & Sean Lessard (University of Alberta, Canada)Ways of Departure: Contemplating Relational Ethics in Narrative Inquiry.